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Haha, mine aren't anything like that dark in person. But as soon as you use monochrome film, BOOM, black paint spatters. My father had hella freckles though, being one of those 'shaved-carrot redheads'. Mine are like... ninja freckles that only come out to ruin your photoshoot. (In color photos, I tend to turn yellow with pink blotches, I don't know why... it's like phantom CO poisoning...)

Oh man, you turn into my mom. She’s beautiful and mostly-graceful and funny and lovely in person, but the moment you turn the camera on her she gets all yellow and splotchy and awkward. My dad used to have red hair, but I don’t think he ever was very freckled…those come from my mom’s extremely Irish family…

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Mental illness is not like make up. You cannot apply it in the morning then remove at home where there is no one around. It will not make people love you more. You cannot put on a coat of depression, dust on anxiety, draw on your self injuries and spray your bulimia. It is not something so people think you are beautiful, Mental illness is not beautiful.

Mental illness is a disease to the brain. It makes you sick, the voices that you hear are no one else’s but your own. You get tired of things that you once loved, you get tired of people you once loved. Sometimes, you get so scared to go outside that you’d rather die inside your room. You hate yourself and hate yourself, you have no other way to express it but to draw blood. You remember that there are 49 calories in an apple but forget how to smile.
It is not like make up. You are not playing ‘Mommy’ or ‘Grown Ups’ It will not make you any more or less beautiful. So please stop pretending and romanticising mental illness.


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This is true, especially about anorexia and bulimia. Even in 2014, they’re disgustingly romanticized and even desired by far too many people.

But, at the same time, it should also be imperative to stop assuming that everyone who doesn’t express mental illness in the same way as you or those you know is “faking it”, “pretending”, or not really mentally ill.

Cant we all just be decent to each other? Don’t assume the worst of people. Don’t assume that people are lying about things that don’t make sense to lie about. Even if they are, it may well be because of an entirely different mental illness.

Look, just don’t be a dick, alright? I’ve been clinically depressed since 9, on tons of drugs since my teens, never been “normal”, and have STILL been accused of “pretending” to be mentally ill, just because my drugs make me numb and unfeeling most of the time.

Mental illness sucks. It’s not something to be faked, and it’s not something to assume YOU have but others don’t.

I have given money to peiple and causes I believe in even when I have been near broke

I just want to show them I think they’re worthy, you know? And I’ve given much more significant amounts when I’ve had “extra” money, even though I’m sure I could have put that towards my own student loans or savings account.

But for some damn reason, I feel weird getting money. I don’t feel like I’ve earned it.

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feelings scare me

i am excited to get married (but i am not ready)

i am grateful and relieved that so many people are willing to help me out with zarky’s surgery costs (but i feel so guilty)

and most of all (but only for now)

i am unnaturally and confusingly excited to see trevor today. i do not get this way. i enjoy my time with him. we laugh and we talk and we watch the worst of movies and he is great to game with.

but why am i so excited? maybe because this is the last time i’ll see him before he’s in madison, to be in my wedding. he’s going to be in my wedding! what!? i hope he loves adria and erin as much as i do.

no more feels, please. i do not like them. it is confusing to feel. i want my neutral back.

you have adhd??

Sort of. I have refractive clinical depression. Technically I’m “in remission”, but I’m not really.

I’m stable, but at a very low level of functionality. Like, I don’t have mood swings (or moods, usually) thanks to the other drugs I’m on. I’ve tried many therapies, and so far none have helped, and I don’t have the resources to just detox and “start over” or try electroshock or transcranial magnetic therapies for the time being.

I’m still hoping to find a good therapist at some point, but right now I’m a bit busy raising money to get my cat’s tooth extracted, and I’m getting married in, like 3 weeks.

Anyway, the Vyvanse. Yeah, I take it when I’m actually able to start writing or getting shit done on my own. If I take it before then, I end up focusing on something totally unrelated to what I needed to get done, because I suck at being human. It helps me keep the momentum up and keep focused on my work.

I don’t have ADHD, or at least I don’t think I do. I simply can’t focus because of my other problems. It helps when I use it correctly…which I apparently failed to do today.

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Please tag the more terrifying medical conditions? Something like 'bodyhorror' or 'medical nightmare' or at least 'nsfw' so people could be forewarned of the more graphic nature of the images? Illustrations or not it's still a bit upsetting to find unexpectedly upon ones dashboard. Thank you <3



Hrm. I will try to tag “medical nightmares” with medical extremes. I also will try to tag the genital posts with the “nsfw" tag more reliably, even when it’s outside business hours where I live.

I do understand your point of view, and try to tag forensics and death posts as such, but had not considered medical catastrophes in the same category previously.

As a side-note, I do try to tag all of my medical posts relevantly, so if you’re triggered by parasites or fungus or organs, set up a blocker for those tags. I just haven’t differentiated between genitals and “horrific genitals” previously.

Boooooohooooohooooooooo! Anyone is the medical community knows how to react to and process seeing ” horrific” images. Get the fuck over yourself, http://biomedicalephemera.tumblr.com/ doesn’t need to censor information!

Yeahhhhh I get that mentality, and I am of the same ideal, but with like 200k people following me, and a very eclectic mix of content, I kinda want the people who are here for the cute/funky animals to still enjoy the content?

*sigh* these people are why I’ve considered breaking the two halves of the blog apart…