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Bennett took a picture of the cutest little Phidippus audax female yesterday :3 He got all freaked out when I told him it was a jumping spider, and then got completely weirded out when I was squeeing over it and telling him to send me the pictures.

Outside of the ever-awesome BugGuide (whose images usually don’t turn up on Google search), there aren’t any good pictures of the top-view of Phidippus audax for spider enthusiasts out there, so I thought I’d post Ben’s photo.

The second photo is a front-view of a typical adult female Phidippus audax from Wikimedia commons. The teal-colored fangs are much more blue and somewhat more prominent in Phidippus audax males.

The photo was taken in full sun - note the black back patches between the white spots which are NOT shiny - a very helpful differentiation characteristic in areas where Phidippus audax and Phidippus regius coexist.

While pretty similar to a typical Phidippus audax, note the bright white on the side of the head and surrounding the carapace - I’ve only ever seen this in northern Daring Jumping Spiders. The typical Daring has a crescent at the top of its back, but it’s nowhere near as well-defined.

**Any spider experts out there, feel free to correct me - I had my old entomology professor confirm that this was a Phidippus audax based on the photos, but if we’re both wrong, tell me! I love to learn about spideys :D