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I run Biomedical Ephemera and Cabbaging Cove. See my "About Me" section in the Links to find them. Or do a Google. Whatever milks your Guernsey.

Putting my ducks in a row -

HOKAY. So. As bloody tired as I am, I’ve decided that today is the day I’m going to get my ducks in a row and organize my life so that I can actually move forward. That doesn’t actually mean a whole lot regarding you guys, but I figure part of organizing ducks is neatly stacking the blog-ducks in the same place.

My Blogs:

Of Paper and Ponies - Personal, Weird, Shiny Things, Commentary. My personal blog. Ranty, insipid, mostly mindless, probably offensive. Also includes shiny things, topless humans, and my music/ginger/lava/geology loves.

Biomedical Ephemera - Science, History, Medicine, Animals. Medical history and natural history stuff. Animals and comparative anatomy, old medical cures/surgical procedures, ways to become deformed/dead, contemporary interpretations of pathologies and non-pathological anatomy from history. Pretty much anything biology, zoology, or medical from before the mid-20th century.

Cabbaging Cove - Culture, History, Vintage, Fashion. I have a *thing* for history. This is where my non-science history goes. Generally from the Regency to the Edwardian eras, but I get into anything that’s post-Medieval. Advertising, fashion, and photography that evokes the Western cultures of the day are my primary subjects, but I like to explore everything.

Not my blog:

Fuck Yeah Medical Stuff - The blog of the inimitable Mariana, that I’m helping run for the moment. Modern medical topics, pathology cases, microbiology, pharmacology, and anatomy. An escape for me to get back into modern science (my background) and out of history for a bit.

Ok? OK! That’s where you can find stuff I post. Blog-ducks corralled!

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